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Why to choose

The Stables

The Stables provides much more than just storing your car. We know the serious car enthusiast needs a little more than the basic storage service. Our services stretch far beyond your local storage facility or garage. Allow us to tailor a plan to your individual needs today. First and foremost, we are car enthusiasts storing exclusive modern and classic supercars from coupes to convertibles, trucks to sports cars, design wonders to the brutally powerful, maintained in tip top condition.
The Stables is more than just a storage facility; it’s the first Destination car concierge for any of your vehicle needs. The Stables is a product of a life- long passion for everything automotive, coupled with an innovative breakthrough concept for today’s elite automotive aficionados.

Temperature Controlled
Car Storage

Storing car is an art, The Stables Temperature Controlled storage facility is in Yas. All vehicles are stored and maintained in the most sophisticated technology, within our temperature, dust and humidity-controlled facility and to maintain clean air. We offer fully bespoke solutions, to suit your long-term or short-term storage requirement. We also deliver International Shipping Service and local movement of car all inhouse with The Stables Logistics.

We also announce 35% to 50% discount on our services to people of determination and our team has given instruction to handle this. **terms and condition are available in our office available on request.

Ultimate Detailing Packages

Get a professional advice from our specialists 

before making the best choice.

You questions might be something silly, but it will be more efficient and stress free if you like to consult our specialist before making a choice (Detailing, PPF – Paint protection Film, Ultimate detailing, Logistics & shipping service)
The Installation Really Matters Like vehicle detailing service, professional skill, patience, quality of service is required for installation of PPF. Our staff are professionally trained to give attention to detail when applying PPF as we do with our detailing services to ensure the professional quality. We customize the patterns to tuck in edges wherever possible and ensure the visible edges are minimized which make us special from other installers.
Full Treatment will include: Paint Correction (is the best way to improve the gloss and clarity of your vehicles’ paint. Leads the industry in high-level paint correction that is effective, yet non-invasive to the integrity of your paint), Ceramic Protection, Engine Bay , Wheel Protection, Leather Treatment, Leather Protection, Anti-Bacteria Treatment.
Are you looking to ship your car to US and Europe or anywhere else (commercial move, relocation or as temporary for tourist purposes) and you need to know more about the document’s requirements and cost for shipping. You can consult with The Stables Logistics, Logistics specialists.
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Client Review

for The Stables with ratings.

We have glad to list our some of the clients review and feed-back as below which will help our new client to know who we are, how we work and how is the work delivered.


Nizar Madani


5 Star Rating

I just bought a beautiful Porsche 997.2 Turbo S from The Stables. It was the best experience. The progress was so smooth and professional. Firas was an awesome person to deal with. So helpful and so professional. The car was well maintained. I received the car, was fully cleaned and detailed. I can’t describe the experience but super star 👌


Christopher Gale


I am extremely careful with who maintains my car, these guys met and exceeded every expectation. Communication was great throughout the entire detailing/paint correction process, they were incredibly honest and knowledgeable and the results were amazing. These guys will now be looking after my car on a regular basis – highly recommend


Rashed Alshamsi


Detailed my 993 C2S and the level of attention and professionalism is beyond expectations, top notch and next level.


Abdulla Alqubaisi


Best service by far, no other detailer in Abu Dhabi can give you the same care and attention as stables will always come back


Stepping into

The Stables Logistics

The Sky is not the limit.
It’s a fashion to travel and its will be passion to travel with your loved car. We make your shipping simple as possible and deliver the service on your doorsteps. The Stables Logistics is able to handle the shipping need for all forms of shipping – Automobile shipping, Moving of General Cargo, moving of personal effect relocation goods, Moving of commercial cargo. Contact us today to know more.

We Are Team Of


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Andrew Bright
Nancy Wise
Conrad Smith
Belle Hill

Get answers and advices from Professional Consultants.

Direct line numbers

+971 50 734 5677

Our Locations

The Stables UAE, Yas, West Entrance - Yas Marina Circuit - Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - UAE

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    Save the value of your precious car.

    Need to know more on how to save the money on your car? Contact The Stables today and talk to our specialist and book your service right away. Don’t forget to ask for special seasonal packages available.